Our Story

Miss Petite Nigeria is a fresh and unique beauty pageant which has been introduced to redefine beauty, by giving petite ladies an equal chance to showcase their beauty,talents and intelligence to the world.

Over the years,our perception of beauty has been tilted towards women with a particular height. This reflects in all beauty pageants where one of the major criteria for entry is that,contestants must be at least 5ft7. It is sad that in a country where the greater proportion of ladies are petite or averaged height, the beauty and fashion industry has totally relegated them to the background, denying them equal opportunities to contest fairly in these pageants.

This has not only denied these group of ladies gainful opportunities, but has affected their confidence and self esteem gravely in an industry where they are forced to accept that holding a beauty title is the birth right of tall ladies. Miss petite Nigeria is therefore bridging the gap between the "tall" and "short".


To redefine beauty by setting a new precedent.


To create a total overhaul in the beauty and fashion industry by making petite ladies a force to reckon with.